Friday, October 4, 2013

My response to YouTube telling me to go email myself - 4 October 2013

To the YouTube Copyright Team

I refer to your email below and to our earlier correspondence.  It appears that your email contains an error.

Your email states that I "may resolve this issue directly with the claimant at [MY EMAIL ADDRESS]".  That email address is my email address and is not the email address of the claimant.  You have previously indicated that "********" is the email address of the claimant.  Would you please confirm that this is the case.

As I have repeatedly requested, please identify the exact legal entity that has made a claim of infringement of copyright in respect of my video "Star Wars - The Election Edition" (accessible at "").  You have previously referred to that entity as "SME".  If known to you, would you also please provide the contact details of the person or persons at "SME" whom I should contact in relation to my claim.

A number of the emails I have received from "the YouTube Copyright Team" appear to contain pro forma text and are not responsive to the specific questions I have asked.  If you are unable to answer my specific queries, would you please forward my correspondence to a person within YouTube who is able to respond to my queries or, alternatively, to a member of your legal department.

I understand that YouTube says that it does not mediate or resolve copyright disputes.  All I am trying to do is to ascertain the entity which claims that I am infringing its copyright so that I may correspond with that entity directly.

Kind regards 

Hugh Atkin

YouTube tells me to go email myself - 4 October 2013

I've been asking YouTube for four weeks now to identify the exact legal entities claiming that my videos infringe their copyright.  I'm not asking YouTube to resolve the dispute, I just want to know who the claimants actually are so that I can contact them directly.

YouTube's latest email to me (posted below) suggests that I can contact the claimant directly at my own email address.  This is becoming farcical.

Thank you for your message.

The claimant has reviewed your dispute and reaffirmed its claim to your video. Specifics of the policy applied to your video are in the Copyright Notices section of your YouTube account.

You may click the underlined link to the right of the video's Edit menu to learn more about this claim.
If you are certain this claim was made in error, you may be able to appeal the claimant’s decision. Eligible users will see an “I want to appeal a disputed claim” link. Please note that an appeal may result in a copyright strike and the removal of your video.

Alternately, you may resolve this issue directly with the claimant at [MY EMAIL ADDRESS]

Please note that YouTube does not mediate copyright disputes.


The YouTube Copyright Team

Thursday, October 3, 2013

A further email to YouTube - 3 October 2013

To the YouTube Copyright Team

I refer to our respective emails of 14 September and 12 September 2013.  This email adopts the definitions used in my email of 12 September.
I have not yet received a response to my email to you of 14 September. Would you please indicate when you will provide a response.
In your email of 14 September you stated: "you may resolve this issue directly with the claimant at ******** and *********".
On 14 September, I sent emails, on which you were copied, to both of the email addresses you have provided.  Those emails requested responses within seven days.  I have received no responses from either address nor have I received any acknowledgement of receipt of my emails.
From my Copyright Notices page, it appears that the copyright claim of "UMG" in respect of the 2012 US Presidential Election video is no longer maintained.  However, the copyright claim in respect of the 2007 Australian Federal Election video remains in place and I remain unable to appeal it.

Again I request that you respond as a matter of urgency to the specific questions I have asked by my earlier emails.

Kind regards
Hugh Atkin